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Smart Mesh Nebulizer

Smart Mesh Nebulizer

Smart Mesh Nebulizer


Our nebulizer is suitable for both adults and children with countless benefits to improve your nebulization treatment.

We offer the capability of adjusting the nebulization rate, creating highly effective particles for a shorter and more effective administration of the medicine. Children can now play an intuitive game designed to encourage their compliance and increase engagement during their treatment.

The nebulizer is powered by a chargeable lithium battery lasting up to 4 hours, all delivered under whisper-quiet operation for greater comfort.

Technical specifications

  • Inside the Box

    One Pouch, one Usb Cable, one Adult face-mask, one Child face-mask and one Mouthpiece Tube.

  • Dimension & Weight

    50x74x111 (mm)

  • Volume (ml) & Rate

    8 ml
    0.3ml/min, 0.4ml/min, 0.5ml/min

  • Particle Size*

    - % of particle size less than 5µm: >80%
    - MMAD: 2.19µm

    *Testing environment: temperature 24±2 Degrees Celsius, relative humidity: 45%-75%.
    *Testing solution: Pulmicort (1mg/2ml).