Briutcare Portable Smart Nebulizer

Introducing you to the new generation of mesh nebulizers

The most efficient, convenient to carry and easy to use nebulizer in the market.

  • Patented Vibration Mesh Technology

    Smaller particles reach the lower respiratory tract more efficiently

  • World’s first smart nebulizer

    Adjust your nebulization airflow right from your nebulizer or your phone

  • Powerful

    4-hour-long nebulization. Up to 24 treatments of 10 minutes each.

  • World’s first mobile game-guided nebulizer

    App guided treatments for children to improve their experience

  • Rechargeable

    Embedded lithium battery with USB charging cord.

  • Portable

    Pocket size, easy to carry to wherever you may need it

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  • The atomazing cup is the part of our Smart Mersh Nebulizer where you place the medication you need for your treatment.

  • REMEMBER! It is necessary to replace it regularly (every 2 - 3 months). This way, you make sure it works correctly, making the most of every nebulization.

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