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"Reliable and very easy to use. I've only had it for a couple of weeks, but I love this nebulizer and use it twice a day"


New Generation Smart Mesh Nebulizer

The most efficient and easy to use nebulizer in the market.

Portable Smart Mesh Nebulizer
  • Super Silent Effect

    Working noise less than 35dB. Automatically shutdown when no liquid detected

  • One-Button Operation

    Simple and easy to use for all consumers.

  • Rechargeable

    Embedded lithium battery with USB charging. 

  • Powerful & Portable

    4-hour-long nebulization. Pocket size, easy to carry around

FDA Approved

Your health is our priority.

Our products are FDA approved, we carefully designed them to offer you the best quality and ensure your safety.

Highly Recommended by Doctors

We are backed by hundreds of doctors who trust our products and fully recommend them to their patients. We are committed to your health.

Adjustable Nebulization Rate

Thanks to our patented 'Vibration Mesh Technology', 80% of particles generated by our nebulizer are smaller than 5µm, with a MMAD of only 2.2µm, which makes it possible for particles to reach the lower respiratory tract and alveolar. Thus, less dosage time with better efficiency is realized!

  • App Game Guided Nebulization Available For Children

    Children love games but usually don't enjoy the nebulization process, and that's why we created ours to assist parents and children improve the nebulization experience, but is not necessary to use the nebulizer.

  • Increase Your Treatment Efficiency

    Nebulization guided by a mobile game increases the lung deposit of medicine all while being able to adapt to your specific needs.

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We Care

Highest Quality

All of our products are FDA, CE & ISO approved always ensuring the highest quality.

Premium Support

We have a dedicated customer service team to help with any needs you might have.

Giving Back

Every sale will support organizations globally receive medical supplies for the underprivileged.

Years of Experience

Founded over 10 years ago to innovate wound care and other medical treatments.


"Very happy with this product! It's working great so far, been using it for my asthma and doing wonders"

"Very small and convenient for travel...."

"I bought this small nebulizer to carry with me to work and on shopping trips or outings. Works just great and has helped me increase my activity level"

"Great. Quiet. Charges fast. Very convenient for someone still able to leave the house"

"I have searched thru many websites looking for the best nebulizer for me. I came across the Briutcare one, watched the accompanying video and I was impressed. I liked the USB capability, and I bought it. Service was very quick and I am quite satisfied with it"

"Reliable and very easy to use. I've only had it for a couple of weeks, but I love this nebulizer and use it twice a day"