Do you know how to use the Smart Mesh Nebulizer?

Do you know how to use the Smart Mesh Nebulizer?

Most people with Asthma, COPD, and many other lung diseases are familiar with nebulizers and how they work. Nebulizers are usually their solution for these lung conditions, even though they might be very noisy and uncomfortable to have and use at home.

Nebulizers turn liquids into mist, making it easier for medications to go into the patient lungs. It can adapt to any patient, whether they are adults or kids. Nebulizers are usually a more dependable solution for children, as it does not require the hand-breath coordination of a standard inhaler.

Briutcare’s Smart Mesh Nebulizer is an enhanced solution for many patients who require this type of treatment. The design is more comfortable and easy to use as it is a small portable nebulizer with a significant noise reduction, making it a real piece of art within the medical field. As opposed to a standard nebulizer, the technology behind this one is all that the word smart englobes. Mesh Nebulizers use the Vibration Mesh Technology making the particles of medications like Bronchodilators reach their target. These small particles can reach the lower respiratory tract and alveoli, meaning that you will need less dosage of medications, while achieving the same, or even better efficiencies.

Using this Smart Mesh Nebulizer is very simple. Even though the name seems long and difficult to pronounce, the usage of this device is not. Please read the following instructions carefully to learn how to use this device.

Note: This nebulizer has an app that works on any smartphone and connects to the nebulizer via Bluetooth. The app consists of interactive games and information about the nebulization process displayed for the users, specifically aimed at infants and pediatric use. Nonetheless, the atomizing function of this nebulizer is independent of the App, so anyone can use it at any time.

  1. Clean and Disinfect the Nebulizer: Before using the device, please gently disinfect to prevent infections.
  2. Charge the Nebulizer: This nebulizer works with lithium batteries which are rechargeable. The battery will provide close to 4 hours of use when fully charged. Note: If this is your first time using the nebulizer, please be sure to charge the device for at least ONE hour. This device should not be used while charging!
  3. Assembly Nebulizer: Please hold the main unit in one hand and the atomizing unit in the other. Then gently push the atomizing unit along with the slot until it makes a click sound. If the atomizing cup is not assembled properly the device may not work correctly.
  4. Add Medication: Open the Atomizing Cup, add the medication according to your physicians’ prescription. Finally, close the atomizing cup cover. The atomizing cup has a maximum capacity of 8ml. Please do not shake or invert the device as it may cause liquid leakage.
  5. Usage of Nebulizer: Connect the mouthpiece or the mask to the atomizing cup. If you decide to use the app, now's the time to launch it on your smartphone. Then, push the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button, the indicator light (Green Light) will light up, and the nebulizer will start working. Using the nebulizer app is also very simple. After enabling the Bluetooth, push the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button. Launch the app and press Start, the device will connect automatically and enter the game interface. The game will end when the atomizing time expires, after this, you can check your scores and dosage. Also, users can adjust the nebulization rate and shut down the nebulizer through the app by selecting Settings. Please keep calm, relax and sit well while holding the portable nebulizer smoothly. Note: Users cannot start the nebulizer through the application. To start the nebulizer, push the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button.
  6. Turn Off the Power: Push the ACTIVE/STAND-BY button to turn off the power, then the indicator light (Green Light) will go out.

After completing your nebulization, keep in mind a few recommendations to make your nebulizer last longer: remove the mouthpiece or mask, remember these accessories are disposable but can be reused if thoroughly disinfected. Then press the PUSH button behind the main unit and remove the Atomizing Cup. After removing the Atomizing Cup, open the lid and dispose of the residual liquid if there is any. Finally, please clean the atomizing cup with lukewarm water and disinfect it using 70%-75% (v/v) ethyl alcohol. Dry it with medical gauze or leave it to air dry. Just as a friendly reminder, remember we recommend replacing your atomizing cup every 2 or 3 months to ensure its efficiency and proper functioning.

The Briutcare Nebulizer is everything you need to keep your lungs healthy, take it with you everywhere you go so you never go out of breath. Shop now!

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